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Our goal is to nurture the young in a meaningful environment relating to their needs and current interests. We carefully select educational materials and equipment designed for free use and experimentation. Under the guidance of trained teachers our programs are planned to help the individual child grow and develop, physically, socially and intellectually to succeed in primary schooling.
All our lead teachers hold bachelor degrees in Education. In the Pre - K Classroom, we really focus on getting the children ready to succeed in kindergarten. This includes all aspects of development. Socially, the children learn to get along, share with others, problem solve and work together. Emotionally we strive to treat others how we would live to be treated, as well as, help each other wen we need to. Academically the class works hard to recognize and write the letters if the alphabet and also their numbers. The Pre - K class has a routine that is maintained in order to prepare them for life in Kindergarten classroom. We have circle time that is full of singing songs about the days, months and weather. Each month brings new topics and themes to explore through conversation, play and projects. We have lots of fun learning and growing together!
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In the Toddler Room, we do a lot of our learning in circle time and through play and activities with our friends. Our circle time involves the children learning their colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet through songs and games that we do everyday. In our playing we are learning to work with each other sharing, taking turns and to cheer each other in our achievements. We do physical activity, through music and movement and when the weather permits outside time. We do activities in the water table using multiple manipulatives. In this room we are growing and learning so fast that we want to work with parents in what you are doing at home so when new experiences, like potty training are being seen at home we want to continue the progress here at school. Consider us an extended family in desiring the best for your child.
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