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I have three kids that went through the preschools in Agawam and they all went to different ones. My daughter who is my youngest child is currently enrolled at Bambi. Bambi has been my favorite preschool as my daughter is thriving there. They have a very comfortable and structured environment for learning and for having fun. The teachers make you feel like your part of the Bambi family. They follow the kindergarten curriculum at the pre-K level. My daughter comes home from Bambi and I realize she already knows what her two brothers learned when they were in Kindergarten. Bambi has been in business for over 50 years and I can truly see why. I just wish I would have looked into it when my two sons were in preschool. I just want to say Thanks to all the staff there for making it a great experience for my daughter Isabella.
This school accomodates toddlers up to preschool and teaches so much more beyond social skills and basics, they take learning and creativity to a whole new level which gets kids involved and develops a love for learning and school! The staff is caring and friendly and becomes family with your family. I can not give this hidden gem enough praise and if you are lucky enough to have your child attend Bambi you will be forever be greatful for the beginning you provided them into school.

Christine F.
I can't say enough great things about Bambi!! The teachers are so dedicated to meeting the needs of every child. Every day my two children come home happy and excited to tell my husband and I what they have done. The staff are like family to us! This place is incredible. The program is designed so that the kids get just enough academic time without it being overwhelming (students are grouped by age and skill!) and there is free play designed so that children can learn social skills and learn problem-solving strategies through on the spot interactions with each other. A TOP NOTCH place!

Jessie P.